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Whitelist Season 1 is about to kick off! Attention community members, stay tuned for exciting updates to be announced soon through our official channels.

Whitelist members get benefits for Unice Alpha's launch.

Existing Whitelist members keep benefits and auto-join Season 1


Registration Period :
Until January 31, 2023

Benefit Provision Period :
Until the Launch of the UNICE Alpha Service

Coming soon
Coming soon
Season 1 Whitelist Benefits UNICE REWARD Conditions Eligible
Immediate UNICE Grant
(For Address Verification)
Upon registration in the whitelist,
5 UNICE are immediately granted
for address verification.
50,000 $UNICE, Must be registered
on the whitelist.
All members
of the whitelist.
Daily Random Airdrop
Every day, a total of 2,000 UNICE tokens
are randomly airdropped
among the members of the whitelist.
200,000 $UNICE, Must be registered
on the whitelist.
All members
of the whitelist.
Additional Daily Airdrop
for Holders
Members holding more than 2,000 UNICE
s receive an additional airdrop daily
at a rate of 5% per month.
300,000 $UNICE, Must be registered
on the whitelist.
Members holding
at least 2,000 UNICE.
Weekly Rewards
The top 5 holders are awarded
5,000 UNICE tokens each week.
60,000 $UNICE, Must be among
the top 5 holders.
Top 5 holders
of UNICE tokens.
Massive Airdrop
at Alpha Service Launch
At the launch of the alpha service,
a minimum of 100,000 UNICE tokens is scheduled
to be airdropped to whitelist members.
100,000 $UNICE, At the time
of the alpha service launch.
All members
of the whitelist.

Golden Box Rewards

Golden boxes are provided
based on the registration date,
containing NFTs, double reward items,
NFT growth potions, etc.
? $UNICE, Based on the
registration date.
Whitelist members
who registered on specific dates.
Exclusive Event Participation
Opportunities for Whitelist
Members of the whitelist have
exclusive opportunities
to participate in special events
? $UNICE, Events exclusive
to whitelist members.
All members
of the whitelist.
Registration Reward 50,000 $UNICE
Daily Random Reward 200,000 $UNICE
Daily Holder Reward 300,000 $UNICE
Weekly Top5 Reward 60,000 $UNICE
Alpha Service Airdrop 100,000 $UNICE
And More ? $UNICE
Total 710,000 $UNICE

Note : UNICE rewards may vary based on the number of members in the whitelist and can also change depending on the launch timing of the Alpha service.

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